No Coding Automation

Neural Network Capable

Streaming Experiences Revamped

 using image based, text (OCR) detection, AI analysis, machine learning via neural network and custom actions which can automate and enhance your gaming experience as you see fit.

choose exactly how and when commands are executed such as word and picture recognition, AI analysis, and personalized actions. Automate anything based on what you can see. 

For work or play and even while streaming: add custom overlays, automate interactions with your viewers, create interactive elements for your streams, and configure responsive triggers.

Next Gen AI Framework for gaming

With the fastest image automation and processing out of any scripting language download now to try out before upgrading to fully fledged pixel AI that will set the new standard on safe automation with the intricacy of neural network machine learning capabilities. 

Visual Configuration

The one of a kind visually configured automation platform. What couldn’t be done with pixel based AI and automation scripts is now expanding the possibilities to new found lengths.

Fastest Performance

The fastest image processing automation out of any scripting language in comparison. With extensive capabilities such as machine learning and neural network training.

Re-Share Scripts

Don’t let the cheap price deceive you, developers read more about how you can make scripts for resale in the marketplace and import already made Auras for use. 


Train your Auras scripts to perform based on what they see and react to what they see. It is by far the easiest way to setup ai scripts with pixel detection methods.

C# Scripts

Advanced developers will be intrigued to see how far their capabilities will be able to propel them in the safety of pixel based automation, such as making a bot from neural network and machine learning aspects. Documentation EyeAuras Wiki is here!

Variety of Capture

Be able to automate any game regardless of anti cheat systems in place, you will be able to automate any game with security scrutinized.

Visual Configurable Automation

Pixel-based automation software called EYE AURAS has a wide range of potential applications.

Any operating program may be captured visually, analyzed in real time, alerts can be raised, and keyboard and mouse actions can be imitated. Not a single line of code needed to be written to do any of this using the visual editor!

However, more sophisticated capabilities like C#11 scripts, bindings, custom WPF UIs, server-based network messages, and a ton more are always available if you want to delve even deeper into automation! For further information, see Wiki.

Percent based image matching

Finds best possible match of provided image with configurable threshold.

Multi Boxing Capable

Select the desired window by using matching expressions that support title, process name, process path, index based enumeration and much more! Invaluable when you’re dealing with multi-boxing

Multiple Input Emulation Techniques

Well Known OS Level Driver based or hardware level emulation – pick your choice!

Effects to make image, text and pixel search easier.

Effects that could be applied in real time to captured image to make image, text and pixel search easier. Color removal, dilute, erode, negate, resize etc.

Dependence visualization

Extremely useful for tracking what exactly happens inside your auras!

replicate (60fps) of any running applications

Watch videos in a small overlay or customize your game ui by finally having CDs shown in the middle of your screen! Draggable, always on top real time.

Text recognition neural network for best results

Customizable scaling, additional effects for better results

Visual editor for complex sequences of inputs.

With macro recording and drag-n-drop support

Multiple app capture technologies

Supports wide selection of techniques that can capture even protected applications

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